Issue 3 of DNA Magazine takes us on a journey around the world to the places that aren't reviewed on TripAdvisor. We wanted to travel the real world through our contributor's experiences and memories. We wanted to visit the places which have a special resonance, meet the people who inhabit them and watch memories unfold before our eyes.

In this issue: forget the classroom – learn Italian the way it was meant to be taught with Christina Dalcher, wander the visual delights of the Chandni Chowk night time market with Mandy Huggins, overcome the North Yorkshire winter, the biting winds and unforgiving road miles with Winston Plowes or walk in someone else's shoes with John Herbert and remember why there are some events which should never be forgotten.

We've been listen to too much Charles and Eddie so for this issue, we want to hear about the best lies you've ever told. We want you to come clean about the best pranks that you never got caught pulling and the worst acts of revenge.

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The selection process is a brilliant but difficult part of editing a magazine.

At DNA, we’re opening up this process so that you can see what goes on behind the scenes after submissions close. We're putting the power to accept or reject pieces written by the DNA editorial team in the hands of contibutors.

Our second discovered how the way we view ourselves and our place in the world changes from person to person.

Flick the pages of a stamp album and discover why one woman collects these miniature artworks, share the anguish of sibling rivalry and dance with the joy of acceptance at your first Pride event as you explore the writing of these 22 talented writers.

Coming Soon: #MyFirstCNF

The term non-fiction, at first glance, seems a pretty self-explanatory genre. But what the term fails to convey is the sheer breadth of writing covered by it.

In this topic, DNA will ask writors, editors and other non-fiction afficiandos what their first piece of Creative Non-Fiction was and how it's changed their writing/reading habits.